Comprehensive training

Enjoy the pleasure of paragliding with the discovery course, or join us for a comprehensive training course culminating in the pilot license awarded by the Swiss Federation of Free Flight.
To achieve this, you follow a complete training programme including: exercises on a learner slope, a tandem pedagogical flight, 50 major flights and also theoretical courses.

The paragliding is introduced gradually, ideally over a year; it includes four modules accompanied by theoretical courses:

  1. Discovery
  2. Introduction
  3. Improvement
  4. Licence

At the end of the training, the student will be autonomous in free flight and can sit the theoretical and practical exams of the Swiss Free Flight Federation, successful completion of which leads to the student obtaining their Swiss free flight license.

There are no prior requirements, but the student must be in good physical condition and be highly committed. The student’s schedule must also enable them to complete the training within one year. The course is open to anyone from the age of 14 upwards (where applicable, the certificate cannot be obtained once the pupil reaches the age of 16).


1. The discovery module

CHF 750.-  includes:

  • An educational tandem
  • The basic theory
  • School slope courses
  • 1st to 3rd flight with radio
  • Equipment is provided

2. The initiation module

CHF 750.-  includes:

  • Up to the 15th flight
  • Putting field theory into practice
  • Confidence with the material
  • Equipment is provided

3. The improvement module

CHF 750.-  includes:

  • Up to the 30th flight
  • Preparatory theory for exams
  • Discovery of different flight configurations
  • Inflating the sail in the wind
  • The student must be in possession of their own equipment or rent it (CHF 30.- / flight)

4. The licence module

CHF 750.-  includes:

  • Up to the 50th flight in autonomous mode
  • Preparatory theory for exams
  • Training in exam figures
  • Initiation to ski flight
  • The student must be in possession of his own equipment or rent it (CHF 30.- / flight)

Theoretical classes

included in the price of the training, these relate to:

  • Meteorology
  • The practice of flying
  • Knowledge of the material
  • aerodynamics
  • The legislation

Total : CHF 3’000.-

Once the student has completed the 4 modules with Element’Air, they will be able to fly up to their 60th flight without any supplement; after this the price is 30.- CHF / flight. This price will also apply to students who have only attended a part of the modules from the 51st flight onwards.

As soon as 50 flights are certified by an instructor, the student can take the practical exams.
Practical exams are organized by the FSVL and cost CHF 125.-
The theoretical exams are organized by the FSVL and cost CHF 125.-

Bus and ski lift passes and personal equipment (mountain boots, helmet, jacket) are not included in the price of the training.